#1 Smart IR Remote Controller – Best Smart Home Automation

How does a Smart IR Remote Controller work?

A smart home controller acts as a central hub that connects different smart home devices such as appliances, lights, cameras, switches, and other gadgets enabling you to control those devices. Control your smart home devices through an application installed on your smartphone or a voice command. These smart home ir controllers allow the user to control lights, you can turn on or off them, get alerts when a leak comes out, control your room temperatures, and can also create custom scenes. 

Where can you use a Smart IR Remote Control?

  • Set room temperature: By using a smart ir remote controller you can set the temperatures of your AC and heaters. As every person has a different preference, you can easily customize the setting of each device for every room. This way you don’t have to set the temperature the next time you use the appliance.
  • Turn on/off the devices: With help of the controller, you can view the status of each device and can also control them. You can turn off the lights, TV, refrigerator, and any other home appliances. When you are back from work, you don’t have to look for the lights switches in the dark. You can use the app and easily turn them on before you reach home.
  • Lock the doors: At night, when you are comfortable laying on the couch or bed you won’t have to get up and apply the locks on doors and windows. Your small tasks are automated easier with a smart IR remote controller. You can program the locks with lights, when lights will turn off the locks will apply.
  • Control audio of devices: A smart controller lets you control every function of your smart home device. You can control the audio level according to your preferences. If you want to watch a show and you are not able to find the remote, just use the controller or voice command to turn on the Smart TV and browse the desired channel.
  • Get alert messages: A smart ir remote controller notifies you when the device detects a motion, someone rings your doorbell, or when someone tries to break in. This way you can keep your house protected against crimes and can take immediate action if you see someone at your home in your absence.
Smart IR Remote Controller

Benefits of smart IR remote controller

  • Durable battery: A smart controller has a long-lasting and durable battery as compared to other controllers of smart home devices. A smart IR remote controller has a durable battery and can work for 6 months seamlessly. Instead of replacing the battery for all the smart home devices controllers, you have to just deal with one.
  • Convenience: Smart IR remote controllers bring convenience to life. You can have remote access to every smart device of your home and can control their operations easily. Instead of manually getting up and performing the tasks you can control all of your smart home devices with a smartphone app whether you want to turn on the AC, lights, or any other appliance.
  • Quick and simple setup: A smart home universal remote controller has an easy installation and setup process. The device comes with an installation guide and just by doing few simple steps the device is ready to use. The smart IR remote controller connects with the smartphone app to control smart home devices.
  • Single controller for all devices: Instead of using multiple controllers for every smart home device, it will be easy to use one controller for all. A smart IR controller provides you complete control of your smart home devices. The controller acts as a bridge between the devices and transmits the user-generated signals to each device to carry out the desired task.
  • Voice command: Thesesmart IR controllers are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home and can perform a function with a voice command. Now you don’t need to get up and turn off the lights. You can ask the virtual assistant to perform any task. The controller, virtual assistant, and smart home devices connect to the same network to communicate.
  • Helps save energy and costs: A smart IR infrared remote control provides the user with the statistics and status of each device. This way the user can know how long the devices were on and can turn them off easily. The device also provides the user with a report that displays how much the device consumed energy and the expected cost. The user will be able to maintain his budget by viewing the energy consumption details.

What additional functions can you perform with a smart controller?

The smart IR remote controller allows the user to set time operations such as when you return from work the AC and lights should turn on automatically. These operations are really helpful when you are too lazy to perform a task for example at night, you fell asleep before turning off the lights. The lights turn on and off at a specific time using time-scheduled operation. Moreover, you can use IFTTT functions on multiple devices. For example, when the room reaches a specific temperature, the AC should turn off. If the room is too cold the heater should turn on automatically. 

Apart from the automation of the device, these controllers can help the user create customized scenes. These scenes offer the user a feature of the customized setting for each device. A controller can help create a perfect environment for the homeowner to perform a task. The scenes created by the user are stored in the memory of the controller. The smart home devices follow the same settings every time the user uses the devices. You can use a smart IR remote controller for turning on the TV, controlling volume, browsing channels, and more.

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