Vinyl for Wrapping Cars

If you are looking for vinyl to wrap cars, there are many choices to pick from. There are a variety of types, brands, textures, colours, and finishes that can completely change your car’s appearance. It’s not easy to get through them all and choose the right one that is right for you. In this blog, we will discuss various types of vinyl wraps available in the market and their advantages and disadvantages in the hope of helping you choose the one that is best for you.

Vinyl Wrap Finishes

In terms of finishes, there’s a huge choice to pick from. Vinyl wraps’ most well-known finishes are Gloss, Gloss Metallic Matte, Matte Metallic, and Satin.


Gloss wraps are the most sought-after kind of vinyl to wrap automobiles. They are a fantastic choice for anyone seeking a paint-like look. They are available in a vast selection of colours that look as if they were painted once applied. The solid colours without glitters or flakes reflect much light, making your car shine in the darkest of days. Gloss wraps are perfect for those seeking a uniform and cohesive appearance. It is good to know that vinyl wrap manufacturers continually update and enhance their selection of Gloss Wraps to ensure that you make a statement even if you’re going to the most popular finishes. Gloss Wraps are relatively simple to keep clean. You can treat or wax the Gloss Wrap using CeramicPro to improve its durability and improve the colour.

Gloss Metallic

Gloss Metallic Wraps can be described as a modified form from Gloss Wraps. If you examine Gloss metallic wrap closely, you will see tiny metallic flakes that are added to the vinyl during manufacturing. The effect these bits produce is evident when you view the vehicle in direct sunlight. This coating adds depth to the surface and mimics the metallic look.


Matte Wraps are precisely what they sound like – matte. They absorb light but generally do not reflect as too much. While they are gaining recognition, however, matte wraps remain less common than glossy wraps. Because of the matt finish, the colours of matte wraps are less vivid and less prominent. Since the surface absorbs some light and reflects light, matte wraps tend to emphasize body lines more and focus on the curves. One thing to remember when choosing matt wraps is that their maintenance process is different. Matte wraps can’t be coated or waxed with CeramicPro and any other kind of sealant, or they’ll fade in appearance. Matte wraps can also exhibit fingerprints and marks faster when you select flat; it is best to be prepared to clean your vehicle more often. As a plus, We have observed that matte wraps possess less energy per square meter than glossy wraps. So, snow and water aren’t able to adhere to the surfaces as well.

Matte Metallic

If you’re looking for an elegant metallic look, but you can’t get over the glossy look, matte metallic is the way to go! Although they’re not reflective, matte metallic wraps have tiny metallic particles that give deeper regard to the colour of your wrap, which makes it look more intriguing and realistic.


Satin wraps fall somewhere between matte and gloss wraps. If you’re unable to choose between Gloss or matte, you should select a satin finish. It’s the best of both. Satin wraps aren’t as shiny as gloss wraps; however, the reflect better than matte wraps. When viewed from a certain angle, Satin wraps appear like satin shirts, which makes your vehicle appear sophisticated and elegant. It’s almost like your car was covered with silk. Satin wraps reflect light but in a subtle way and enhances their sleek appearance. Maintenance of satin wraps is easy as it is less likely to have fingerprints remaining on the wrap’s surface. Like Gloss wraps, satin wraps can be re-coated using ceramic solutions or waxed.

Vinyl Wrap Textures

For those who want something different, the manufacturers of vinyl wraps have created a range of textured wraps that include Brushed Metal and Carbon Fibre vinyl being the most well-known types.

Carbon Fibre

Carbon Fibre vinyl wraps are similar to the appearance of carbon fibre material, which automotive enthusiasts extremely appreciate. There’s now a choice of black, grey and white carbon fibre. Although it’s hard to imagine an automobile covered in carbon fibre, It is becoming quite common to cover mirrors, spoilers or hoods with carbon fibre to give that appearance without costing a fortune. When installing the wrap, carbon fibre must be handled with care since it is likely to disrupt the pattern by stretching too far and not aligning it correctly. There’s nothing worse than a poorly installed carbon fibre wrap.

Brushed Metal

A different, less well-known material, brushed metal wraps possess a metallic look with an added texture, resembling scraped metal. Metallic wraps brushed with abrasive make interesting accent pieces and came in a limited selection of colours. The unique three-dimensional shimmer of coated wraps gives them a classy appearance.

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