Top 5 Tips To Take The Ideal Care Of Men’s Hair Systems

Hair systems are an investment. It takes a considerable amount of time and money into buying a hairpiece. And when you put so much effort into selecting something, maintaining it becomes more crucial. In addition, hair systems are considered complicated by many people when it comes to managing the upkeep.

Therefore we bring you a full-proof maintenance guide to help you protect the glory of your men’s hair system.

However, before you understand the maintenance of your hair system, it is important to know what exactly can damage them and why. In addition to that, different hairpieces need extra care. Like your natural hair, not everything suits your hair system, and you need to be mindful of that.

Factors Affecting The Condition Of A Men’s Hair System

  1. The Use Of Chemical Shampoos

Like your natural hair, yourhairpiece also gets deeply affected by prolonged use of harsh chemicals. These include SLS, Parabens, Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate, and Sodium Chloride. Overuse of these may increase bacteria growth in your hair system, which is contrary to why you were using them in the first place.

  1. Base Material Of Your Hair System

It is the base material of your system that decides its durability. Different raw materials have different life spans. Generally, the more your hair system blends with your scalp, the shorter the lifespan. It is why the life span 0.03 skin hair system is the shortest.

There are three main categories of the base material. The Skin and Poly men’s hair systemshave the least durability, while Mono is the strongest. The durability of the Lace hairpieces lies somewhere in between the two.

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  1. Ventilation Method

The ventilation of your hair system depends on whether they are weaved by hand or machine. While hand weaving ensures that the knots are invisible, it also makes the knots very tiny, which can further cause shedding after three to four months. Additionally, if the knots are bleached, that also affects the durability of your hairpiece.

Tips For Adequate Maintenance Of Men’s Hair Systems

Now that it is established what all you need to pay special attention to while taking care of your hair system, let’s move on to some basic tips.

  1. Don’t Over Shampoo Your Hair.

This is one standard tip that goes both for your natural hair and hairpieces. Like your natural hair, your hair system also needs some amount of sebum and natural oil to help protect itself from the harsh environment. Over shampooing strips them off moisture and make them more susceptible to damage.

  1. Keep That Swimming Pool Water Away

The water in the swimming pools is heavily chlorinated. This can dry out your hair system and even damage them permanently. To avoid this, always try to wear a cap while you go swimming. Another thing that you can try is to apply a leave-in conditioner for added moisture.

  1. Make Your Conditioner Your Holy Grail Product

Hair systems are incapable of producing their natural oils. It heavily depends on the moisture that you provide them. Hence, it is very time you wash your hairpiece, make sure to follow up with a conditioner. However, pay special attention to the ingredients list of your conditioner. You can also use products that are specially formulated for men’s hair systems.

  1. Keep Them Safe From The Sun

We often underestimate the care our strands require. Just like your skin, your hair can be damaged by the sun’s harmful UV rays, too and thus need protection. There are several SPF sprays formulated for hair systems in the market that can help you with this.

  1. Use A Knot Sealer

Hair knots are the ones that are holding your entire hairpiece together. These tiny dots are extremely important for maintaining a good volume of your wig. Always use a knot sealer for prolonged durability.


Contrary to popular belief, maintaining your hairpiece gets easier once you get the hang of it. While it puts many complications in front of you, it is also the most affordable solution to thinning or receding hair. All you need to do is give your hair system a little more time, love, and care to make sure that it helps you look your best for a long period.

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