Cashmere Pashmina Shawls

Shawls from the Pashmina heritage have alluded to most women for centuries. It has perfectly complemented the most celebrated style with its rich and luxurious feel. The high-class style accessory has graced the world’s most powerful ladies at royal weddings, coronation ceremonies, Miss World pageants, Grammy and Oscars, and on the ramp as well-known designer fashion outfits.

For generations, cashmere pashmina shawls have been collected as relics and honored as symbols of prestige cashmere palm beach. The pashmina shawl originates from the beautiful valleys of Kashmir, India. It is delicately woven from natural fibers extracted from the neck and belly of rare Central Asian mountain goats. The finely embroidered cashmere shawls are available in different designs, including Shahtoosh and Jamavar. The pashmina wraps are also available with a silk blend to complement the beautiful Armani look.

Cashmere pashmina is soft, delicate, warm and rare, it is almost six times finer than human hair and the warmest fibers in the world. The art of weaving Pashmina into shawls has been the heritage of Kashmir, which has been preserved in its best form. Classic motifs, such as paisley prints, look lush in most classic designs Kinross cashmere. The influence of Mughal designs can also be seen in most collections. These designs were used primarily to adorn the shoulder mantles and woven sashes for male officials of the Mughal court.

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