Neoclassical interior design in Chennai


The name Neoclassical evolved during the 18th century and the geographical locales are Britain and france. The name is very popular in all over european countries and later the concept reached american due to colonization. 

Neoclassical interiors are usually the combination of ancient Greek and Roman architecture. Ancient architecture is vast in numbers, some of them are Mughal, Dravidian, Kalinga, Latin, Greek and so on. 

We are Neoclassical Interior designers in chennai, who have completed the projects based on customer requirement. Our designs include traditional, modern and european styles as well.

Usually we cannot see a single similarity between these architectures except Greek and roman. Though the name is different, their birth belongs eastern side. 

Neoclassical interior design do have columns, swags, gilt and furnishings. The main Advantage of Neoclassical interior design are

  • They are literally huge in size
  • Making a simple design gives you a luxury output.
  • Interior design gives a complete space for decorations and furnishings. 

These concepts are older than our thoughts, it’s our job to decode and build world class neoclassical designs. 

Every process needs some rules and principles. The same way here are some basic principles of neoclassical interior designs

  • Purity of Form
  • Five Acts
  • Verisimilitude or being realistic
  • Decorum
  • Purpose of Design

Neoclassical Architecture can be classified into three category

  • Classical Block Style
  • Palladian Style
  • Temple Style

Classical Block Style:

The layouts are rectangular in shape and they give you an affluent Exterior which are meant for only royal families and Big Business owners. Because some people cannot afford this type of style. 

Palladian Style:

Palladian architecture became popular during 17 th century. The concept  came into existence because of Andrea palladio. He is the man who designed and built the complete city venice. From then palladian architecture became very popular, even now few royal and high networth individuals design the home interiors with palladian style.

Temple Style interior design:

The buildings are more classical and provide huge space for the building interiors. The constructions are basically created based on the bulge and spaciousness. But in recent times temple interior design is not used by many people. 

Neoclassical Architecture

How Neoclassical Interior design went to diverse geographical locations, some of the areas are 

  • French Design
  • Italian Design
  • American Design

French Neoclassical Interior Design:

In the years 1760 to 1830, the architecture movement reached its peak in French colonies, they were making tremendous efforts to make french designs to be dominant. They tried different designs to make the French Neoclassical Interior Unique. But they won and brought a great outcome. 

Italian Neoclassical Architecture:

The major Neoclassical Italian Architecture came into existence by Palladio who got inspired from Luigi Vanvitelli and Filippo Juvarra. But Italian Architects introduced them during the 19th century. That’s the reason even now Venice got these traditional designs into existence. 

We celebrate them now.

American Neoclassical Architecture:

Americans still use Neoclassical Interior Design, which was adopted by them during the 18th and early 19th century. Americans are always ahead though their ancestors are europeans. 

The designs are majorly influenced by Greek Revival architecture, even now many buildings in America use this architecture.

Apart from all these Geographical Neoclassical Architecture, everyone has one thing in common. It’s their element. There are three major key elements

  • Color
  • Furniture and Furnishings
  • Decorations


Color plays an important role in neoclassical architecture; the major difference in color combinations is that traditionals concepts use gentle colors. They won’t be very contrasting, dark colors. Most of the colors used in designs are white, light grey, light pale, Cream color as well.


Usually furnishings are very simple and common, these designs alway require simple and symmetrical concepts. Sometimes they use curved furniture so that the interior will stand alone than the other homeowners. 


Neoclassical Interior design require some maximum design with tons of simplicity


As we already said, the world came across hundreds of architecture in the past 2000 years. But Some Architectural designs stand out from the crowd. The same way Interior design gave astonishing results for the past 3 to 4 centuries

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