All About Thermostatic Mixing Valve and How it Works

A thermostatic mixing valve or TMV is a pipework fitting that allows you to adjust water temperature coming from your tap or showerhead. 

This installation is extremely helpful in areas where there’s a preferred temperature for safety purposes, like hospitals. But it can also be beneficial in residential properties. 

How does a thermostatic mixing valve work? 

A thermostatic mixing valve combines hot and cold water so users will receive it at a pre-set temperature. It can help you ensure you’re receiving safe water for home consumption. 

Setting the temperature high can get rid of potential contaminants in the water so they longer reach your home. Usually, a higher temperature is required in areas at home where food is prepared or belongings are being cleaned. 

But since it isn’t advisable and safe to release purely hot water, a TMV is used so hot water is mixed with cold water first before it’s discharged. Once you receive your water, you might not even realise that it was exposed to high water temperature inside the pipework.

Importance of thermostatic mixing valve

A thermostatic mixing valve in Singapore is an important heating fixture in both commercial and residential properties. It makes the water more comfortable to use whether you need the output to be warm or colder to complement your heating system. 

Thermostatic mixing valves come in different designs, types, and sizes. It’s crucial to choose the right configuration for your specific application. In some areas, installing a TMV is required and a certain range of water temperature has to be observed too.

It’s very dangerous if hot water is readily dispensed in faucets. Scalding and burns can happen in seconds. Young children and seniors are vulnerable victims. 

You’ll want peace of mind that each time you turn on your faucet, you’re receiving a safe water temperature, which you can then increase or decrease to your liking, depending on the type of faucet or shower that you have. 

Not having TMV at home can also expose you and your loved ones to contaminated water, which is detrimental to your health. Severe cases can lead to long-term hospitalisation and even death. 

Without TMV, you’ll have to choose between receiving either hot water or cold water all the time. Both can pose serious health and safety hazards.

Ensure proper installation for your thermostatic mixing valves

Thermostatic mixing valves are essential but you need to install and use them properly so you can make the most of their benefits. Choose a professional supplier and installer for your water supply, plumbing, and heating system.

You’ll find several types of thermostatic mixing valves in the market. Some types may be more suitable for homes and small businesses, while some are better suited for business or commercial properties. Check if there are safety codes or product requirements in your area that you need to follow. 

Each thermostatic mixing valve can be powered by a different technology. Its components can also vary depending on the user application. Some models include a built-in thermometer to make setting up a lot easier. 

Seek advice from plumbing professionals or sales representatives to learn more about the right TMV options for your application. 

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