4 Top Outdoor Decking Products

You can turn your outdoor decking into your very own sanctuary. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to indulge in some quiet time alone or with your family and friends right at your home? Having an outdoor deck allows you this opportunity and more. 

If you love al fresco dining, you can whip out your best recipes anytime and enjoy them with your guests at your deck. 

There are a ton of activities you can enjoy in your outdoor living spaces. If you’ve long been wanting one for your home, here are some outdoor decking products you might want to include in your list. 

  1. Decking. The type of wood is crucial as it can impact the performance and longevity of your deck. Chengal timber is a popular outdoor decking material in Singapore. Traditional options may be cheaper, but you get what you’re paying for in the long run. Premium chengal timber decks in Singapore can resist fungal decay, insect attacks, and rotting. It feels soft to touch and comfortable even when the weather gets too hot. Most importantly, it’s free from harmful chemicals. 
  1. Artificial turf. Landing surfaces are a crucial component of your outdoor living space. Not only do they affect your yard’s overall appearance, but they can also impact its usability. Artificial turf is a welcome addition to decking projects as it’s easy to install, low-maintenance, and durable. It can be installed in both small and sprawling spaces. Find out where the turf is sourced and see if it includes an installation warranty.The best materials are engineered to look natural and feel great on the feet. No matter how hot the Singapore weather gets, you and your loved ones can enjoy your artificial turf. 
  1. Pergola. Pergolas are a common component of home gardens or yard spaces. They can be customised to fit specific design requirements. They’re great for outdoor areas as they provide shade against the rain or heat of the sun. You can have your pergolas open or closed too. See if you can find a single team that can construct and install all your decking needs. Ask if they also provide repair and maintenance services.
  1. Fencing. Fencing gives your outdoor spaces additional security and privacy. It can also serve as markers or space boundaries if you would like to distinguish one area from another. Fencing design can also be custom-built to cater to any requirements. Feel free to look for inspirations online and show them to your builder. Professional design consultants and carpenters can bring your outdoor living space ideas to life.

Use only premium outdoor decking products for your home improvement project

Aside from choosing the highest quality materials for your outdoor decking products, don’t forget to go through the installation process as well. 

You’ll want your decking to be meticulously designed and installed so it’s safe for everyone – no nails or screws sticking out and the surface itself shouldn’t be slippery even when wet. 

Since these elements are located outdoors, you’ll also want to ensure they’ll withstand exposure to extreme heat, moisture, and other factors that may affect their form and function. 

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