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If your child can attend college, here are some tips on which school to choose.

Tip 1

If you have young children, you need to buy a home after you know which school to send your children to, this decision is even more important than the location of your home. In the Marbella area there are some good A-Level schools. The schools are of a high standard. The main language is English.

If your child has the skills to go to university, I prefer the International College of Marbella (Aloha College). The school system has a very good level of college entrance. The school teaches according to the IB (International Baccalaureate) system. English is also the main language Primary School in Ghana.

In the international school, children learn to read, write and present correctly.

There is also a competitive but positive environment. An example is this story contest:

College short story contest

Aloha College Story Contest: International Book Day Aloha children from Year 1 to Year 13 are invited to participate, and there will be 2 prizes for each Key Stage (for the best in English and the best in Spanish). The prizes are gift vouchers from the FNAC. The theme of the story will be “Travel”.

Or your attention to the drama:


Following the success of Peter Pan’s Christmas Pantomime, Year 12 Theater Arts students decided to surprise their audiences once again in March with the Greek tragedy of Antigone, by French playwright Jean Anouilh. Antigone is one of Anoilh’s “Plays Black” works and is based on Sophocles’ version of the classic tragedy where the eponymous heroine dies from the crime of offering her dead brother, the rebellious Polynicies, proper funeral rites despite the decree of King Creon. who ordered Polynicies to remain unburied and without crying.

Anouil’s work represents an authoritarian regime and reflects the injustice of the World War II occupations in France. Antigone and her uncle Creon will face off in this scandalous royal family entanglement that will lead to nothing but death and pain. Describing Antigone as a tragedy is an understatement.

Helen Warrick and her students have worked hard this term to produce a different and controversial play for a more mature audience showing the full depth of our multiple talents guided by the study of world theater and multiple genres. We look forward to bringing more entertainment and heartwarming theater to all of our devotees next quarter.

And internationally they participate, for example, in:

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