Are you a kind of technology guy looking for the passionate word of mobile App Development?

Yes. Certainly. The youth of today’s technological world has this trending skill set in their pocket of I.T. profile. Every guy and girl is keen for a career change in Digital and one of the hot favorite digital domains of App Development. The App development one can do for the Desktop, Laptop, i.e., Windows, and mobile platforms like Android and Apple O.S., i.e., ioS.

Even the global scenario has indicated a tremendous potential growth of $ 600 of expected revenue only through the Mobile app development business. It will be more by the year-end of 2020.No doubt; it will grow more than that. One must say it is the most flourishing I.T. or Digital domain currently. The main reason behind it is the continuous development in the Smart Mobile handsets and Gadgets like TAB and IPADs etc. And the other winning factor or the cherry on the ice is, any size of or niche of a business house can go for this Mobile App Development to grow their market share in a digital way. 

Every business needs the trending business strategies to capture the business from the market with inclining plans in day-to-day business journeys. Today’s mobiles have several high-tech features like GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, gyroscopic sensors, etc. These features are useful in advanced technological Apps like virtual or augmented reality, barcode scanning, and many more. 

In today’s digital era, Working digitally for your routine to-do list or other transactions on various gadgets is trending high.

Let us throw a dip in light on Mobile App Development and its technical know-how and its benefits for our businesses.

What is the meaning of the Mobile App, and how does it function?

Mobile App is nothing but small dedicated software, which runs successfully on millions of Mobile handsets of users on a common operating platform like Android and ioS.

The Mobile App gives users the freedom to use the features and methods to decide on products or services they want to buy, like buying a garment item or booking a bus, etc. Every Mobile App has got different features, buyer’s journey, and a way of online conversions.

Major Types of Apps Available in the Market Today

Today we have below major types of Mobile App Development team can offer:

Native Apps

Native Apps are those apps that are built for any particular platform between iOS and Android. Android utilizes Eclipse and JAVA while iOS consumes Xcode and Objective- C. Developers prefer to build Native Apps to optimize the device’s full technical potential. For Compatibility, one can develop a Native App, integrating with IoT and other sensor technologies to make the App very useful to an individual.

Hybrid Apps 

These are the combinational Apps in which Web technology Languages and tools get embedded with the uniqueness of native systems. The very advanced features and native advantages are useful in this type of Apps. Using this type of App, one can always use Google Location features benefits and Website views more.

HTML 5 based Apps

This standard App type uses JavaScript, HTML 5, and CSS, just like in Web development. All the benefits of these programming languages one can utilize on any Platform. It needs very less customization to run on all platforms with the full functionality of the App. It is a very popular and smooth platform to develop Apps. These Apps can deliver Google Notifications as well as Trigger notifications compatible across all types of devices.

The Deciding factors in creating a Mobile App 

  • Easiness – The Mobile App must be easy to use and install on various Mobile handsets and Tablets with a Common Operating Platform smoothly and in less time.
  • Graphical Compatibility – The best Mobile App is that one that occupies minimum common graphical elements. Those are compatible with different devices like Smartphones and Tablets. Many Gaming Apps are running successfully on Android and iOS Platforms based on the minimum hardware and graphical interfaces. 
  • The Mobile Apps must deliver maximum output or performance in the minimum requirement of periphery or hardware as different Mobile handsets and Tablets have different configurations, not exactly like a Desktop or Laptop.
  • User Interface and experience – the App must give a great User experience and interface design to use. Else the App will be going for lower ranking and slowly gets degraded.

Kits needed for Mobile App Development 

For Android-based Mobile App Development, one must need to have an Android SDK. This is required for the Developers to design and execute the code. This SDK is free for Android users. But in the case of iOS, one needs the paid credentials for user licenses. So, it is cost-consuming for Apple users and designers to have SDKs for iOS App Development.

Requirement Analysis- Mobile App Development

It is a big deal to develop the Mobile App in the right place, always with the software systems upgrades and revised services from time to time. It is the developer’s call to make the software fully compatible and user-friendly with the changing system environment due to updating and major changes sometimes. So with every system update, the maintenance factor in the App code and new revised code development is continuously a must. This is a recurring cost for the Mobile App developing Company. But one cannot survive without this technical need. Else, the App will collapse completely due to out of updation and new release development code.

Pathways of Developing a Mobile App


For a smoother execution of App development for the Mobile, we need to follow below major phases within a fixed framework. This structure or action plan helps the flow and development is clear and concise.

  1. The basic concept to develop an APP: This is a brainstorming question that must arise in our mind at the time of Mobile App Development today. 
  • For whom are we developing and addressing this App? 
  • What achievement will this App give to the end-users to raise their results or give them a new solution? 
  • Which are the major highlights of the App to make it a hit and demanding?
  • Which are the other trending Apps in this selected category?

2. Design: Craft the user’s journey throughout the App from start to end for the user. This needs a perfect User Interface Design with User experience Design to suit the purpose and concept.

3. Development: In this phase, the code is developed for the App, followed by the execution. This is a major phase and heart process of App development.

4. Testing: This is a phase for Quality assurance of the App. Testing takes care of the limitations, Compatibility, and function ability of the App. Any code improvement required is done after the testing report.

5. Initiate the App: The error-free, technically perfect, tested ok App is required to install Google Play and Apple Store.

6. App promotion and Sales: After successful App installation, Sales strategy and planning are essential for easy user installations from given platforms and valuable feedback to improve the App.

Main App Platforms available at Present

  1. Mobile Roadie: This is a very popular App Platform for Brands. It has got a feature of sending Push notifications and RSS Feeds for News releases, Google News, etc. It also has a feature to extract data from PHP, HTML, and JSON, etc.
  2. GoodBarber: This is a good platform to exchange the Website with the App. One can make iOS as well as Android base Apps through this platform. It is a Low-Code App platform and can control the App easily. App Development is also possible for P.C. and laptops along with Tablets.
  3. Appy Pie: It is a very useful and popular App based upon Cloud. It is compatible with all Platforms of Mobiles and Windows, and even other platforms. No need for any programming skill required to develop and activate the App. One can drag and drop components to develop the App most only.
  4. AppMachine: Same as Appy Pie, it has a drag and drop facility to develop and construct the App. It is very flexible. One can have all facilities for interface design and customized fully with self-style. One can test the App under this platform’s testing facility features. All platforms are compatible with this App and can visualize and see the changes in the App during design and development.
  5. This App is also cloud-based. It has got drag and drops the component to design the App as per the editors’ wish. Code gets generated behind those components.


 One must say that iOS Apps are rather easy to use with only version upgrades need. But in the case of Android, many different Handsets and Tablets with variable and frequent systems versions. Mobile App Development is a very exciting journey for the developers and a nice experience for all-time users.

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