Wooden Toy Barns And Toy Horse Stables

Children have imaginations and that is what stimulates the brain. Wooden farm toys help with this imagination. Many of today’s toys limit the imagination and also seem to be focused on batteries and many appear to be geared towards violence.

Wooden stables and wooden horse stables, cattle pens and horse shelters are unique with doors that open, chains that open and close. Wooden farm toys are also numerous, from tractors, hay wagons, balers with bright yellow straw bales, and green hay bales.

What kid wouldn’t want to have a bale lift that has a working crank to put the bales into the old hay mower in a hipped barn built by the Amish? There are mini barns, ranch barns, A-frame barns, and hipped roof barns to choose from.

For the little rancher who loves horses, there are horse stables to choose from or a horse shelter that will keep them dry when the rain or snow falls. There are also large livestock pens with many separate pens to keep animals cornered. Of course, if space is an issue, a small corral is available for the little rancher to keep his horses under surveillance.

Many people want to give “quantity” of toys, but we emphasize the quality of the toys. Some of these farm toys make a great toy that can be combined for a gift for a pair of siblings. Memories will be built, imagination will run wild, and a toy that can be passed on to another generation. Wooden toy stables, horse stables, cattle pens and wooden farm toys will make the little farmer / rancher in your family feel like a “great person” while doing “his job”.

Wooden toys develop more meaningful cognitive and play skills. Wooden barns will not make animal sounds or creaking sounds when doors are opened, but will allow the child to use her imagination and make her own sounds.

Also, most plastic toys require batteries that must be thrown into landfills. Natural toys do NOT use batteries that have less impact on our environment, operate on the child’s imagination and help stimulate the brain. By purchasing wooden toys, this helps small businesses in the United States, many of them operated by families.
I still have my wooden toys that I played with 50 years ago and my children have their wooden barn that their dad made for them 30 years ago. They are something that can be passed on unlike many plastic toys that break when used even very little.

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