Eight Reasons To Choose Android App Development Over iOS

For application development, we should choose the right platform that including some important factors. The larger companies are using different platforms at the same time for application developments. But for smaller businesses, it is an important question to choose the right platform because success or failure depends on it. Today more organizations that want to grow the system are choosing mobile development applications.

Today the need of all businesses is to take benefits from the android app development. Or in the next years, we will see more business will depend on the Android app development. However, in this article, we will discuss which platform will be best for iOS or Android? Or we also will discuss those reasons that indicate that Android is a better option than iOS.

Some factors that will help to choose a platform among Android or iOS

Most people are choosing between these two platforms according to their personal preferences. Business leaders shouldn’t choose personally, but they should keep in mind these factors mentioned here. Or they should consider the business or criteria that matters a lot. We already know that all things have advantages and disadvantages, but these factors will help us in ultimate choice.

These factors are

  • Target audience
  • Application features
  • Project timeline
  • Revenue
  • Maintenance budget

At the start of any business project, we should consider our audience that will use products or services. Android app development has the best features like Google Play Store.

Reasons that help to choose Android App than iOS

In this digital revolution, Android mobile application is becoming a major or important part of the industry that influenced the most audience. Although iOS is also the best or popular platform. But here, we will discuss eight reasons that will divert or decision of choosing platform towards Android.

These reasons are:

  1. Market share
  2. Android development provides high ROI in low cost
  3. Lower entry barriers
  4. We can target other platforms
  5. Android app development provides more flexible features
  6. Android app development also providing the best customization features
  7. Versatile or scalability of Android Studio
  8. Android app development is quick or easy to learn

Market share

In the last five years, if we analyze the Android app development stats, we can see that in the market, Android is getting a consistent pace or has made its presence in a large geographical or demographic range of users of mobile phones. Or with android mobile phones, development has directly impacted the revenue reached to about $189 billion from stores. Or that is directly in favor of the android platform. According to data, the smartphone market share of about 87% is shipped in 2019 worldwide, which is dominated fully by the android market. From this data, we can compare the android platform with the iOS platform. The range of smartphones based on Android is 87 percent, or the iOS-based is 13 percent. It is a huge difference that creates more potential in clients. Or it also gives a clear view in choosing an android platform for our business.

Android development provides high ROI in low cost

We know that Android has many users from various backgrounds, or the applications that provide Android are also not too expensive. Because most of the android applications we can download without any cost or can get these applications easily on the play store than any other operating system.

Particularly android app development is useful for all news organizations that want to develop their applications. For business leaders to build applications is very cheap with custom logo design service because they don’t pay the designer or don’t need to pay for the SDK tools. While the iOS operating system every year charges. The expensive phase is the design phase in building applications. It required graphics, assets, coding, or audio creation. Or the advertising of these applications also required more pay, or we want various things that will help us in our achievement.

We can say that any device we can use to build an application or test it for our cell phones. Or we can do that with a lower cost than in result will provide more client engagement. So with Android at a lower cost, we can get more ROI.

Lower entry barriers

A designer is using Mac to build an iOS application. But in the android case, it is not true because the android applications designers can create on Windows, Mac, or Linus. So for android developers, the entry cost is lower than the iOS application developers. If we are building an android application, then on Google Play, it will be approved in one day, or it will take about half a month to deploy on the App Store.

However, according to the client’s feedback on Google Play Store, we can update any time we desire. Still, it is not possible with the iOS application that required a tedious process to update these applications.

We can target other platforms.

Using the Java platform to build an Android app makes it easier to port these Android applications on various platforms like Symbian or Ubuntu. So the business leaders have the opportunity with android app development; they can also target other platforms.

Android app development provides more flexible features

Android platform is open source. So through this platform, we can customize applications with better flexibility. This flexibility is making the best features and functions of the application that needs our users.

Android app development also providing the best customization features

Android app development provides the best or more customization features than iOS; that’s why it is very popular.

Versatile or scalability of Android Studio

 After the android studio introduction, the flexibility and scalability of OS are increased. So the applications we can integrate with the whole Android ecosystem with the android studio help that including smartphones, tablets, or android wearables or TV.

Moreover, we can make these android applications more compatible with VR, IoT, or AR like the latest technologies. We can say that we will get more benefits through android app developments.

Android app development is quick or easy to learn.

The android development factors with flexible models open easy resources availability or working models. Or it is made extremely quick or easy to develop android applications. Or the growth of android mobile app developments increasing rapidly. When we develop android app developments, then we will find time metrics with lower cost. Or its features and process of its approval make easier, simple, or fast the development of android applications. However, these are the best reasons to provide us a clear view as we should choose android app development for our business.

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