5 Box Printing Facts to Consider for Food Packaging

Food items are sensitive and a little packaging mishap can completely ruin the contents. Often, the shipment handlers don’t know what the boxes contain and thus don’t steer them properly. Custom box printing can avoid such hassles by mentioning the exact product requirements directly on the boxes.

Food packaging is both a matter of great concern for manufacturers and a way of reaching out to their target audience. But no matter how prudent the packaging material is, the packaging is incomplete without communicative printing.

Primarily, the food boxes must tell customers about the brand name and image. Buyers need to know which business they are buying from otherwise; it would be impossible to expand brand recognition. Premium printing inks and techniques give a top-notch box appeal. Engaging illustrations and content add glimmer to the overall food packaging.

When deciding on printing, food retailers must consider the following to ensure that the packaging emits the right branding vibe.

Use appropriate materials

Printing lasts longer when done on durable box material. There is no point in packaging food items in sub-standard boxes and then investing in good-quality printing. The base must first be formalized for the printed contents to stay on for at least as long as the food products.

Corrugated, Kraft, and cardboard are apt box materials that can be flexed to form captivating custom shapes as well as support all kinds of printing features. The stock paper is reusable and offers a sustainable packaging mix.

Most brands that use such packaging, mention that the boxes are recyclable so the brand gets a responsible image. Buyers appreciate the use of reusable boxes and prefer to buy food items boxed in these.

box printing

Enable prominent branding to dominate the packaging

Investing in printing isn’t just a new trend. It is there for a reason; to promote the brand.

Distinct colors hues, design, graphics, and descriptions assign an easily spottable identity to the food seller. Sometimes, the brand awareness generated through exclusive printed boxes surpasses all other marketing platforms.

Printing the precise brand logo and consistent branding elements takes the brand story forward. All the marketing tactics can be explained using the boxes as the final piece in the branding maze. More often than not, customers remember brands by their packaging. As high as 90% of buyers pick brands that look functional and premium to the rest. Complying to their demands is a constructed way to mark a niche brand image among the competition. Certain food items are specific to customer tastes. They are bought by a specific customer group. Printing is one of the best tools that market the specific food product to the relevant buyer base.

Evolve with changing market conditions

The food regulatory authorities constantly update packaging guidelines and make it essential to educate clients about the food items manufactured.

Custom box printing is an able way to cater to all the dynamics of the food industry. Customers instantly trust brands that comply with all the stated regulations and give a fair insight into the products. what would customers go for; a basic packaging box that just states the business’s name or one that is adorned with appropriate product details? We think the latter one would work better any day!

Moreover, the latest customer trends can also be made a part of the packaging for the brand to appear prominent. McDonald’s has a marketing strategy to print the latest children’s movie on their happy meal boxes. Such branding gimmicks work to grab the required customer focus and make the brand more desirable.

Enable safe deliveries

With the e-commerce sector constantly reporting enhanced sales figures every year, it signals customer shopping preferences. Obtaining and using custom printed shipping boxes is the current need of the food industry.

What if the food products are sensitive to heat and harsh light? How would shipping companies treat these differently? Printing the exact handling details on the packaging is a sure way of conveying these. The courier companies would handle the boxes as mentioned on top. Perishable items like food need to be carried upright without being subjected to shakes and humidity.

Amazon has started delivering groceries too. How does it ensure that the customers get the items in the best form? The boxes are printed with relevant info and made to be durable enough too. A greater number of customers, when searching for the appropriate grocery options, choose Amazon because of its trusted food packaging.

Stick to the product nature

Food products are unique in their construct. Unlike most other retail products, they cannot be stored for a long time and need to be consumed within a specified term.

The packaging, therefore, should consider this. The boxes need to look relevant to the products packaged. All the color schemes and graphics must give complimenting representation of the products for the customers to feel interested in obtaining them.

Other than this, the boxes need to have robust seals and locks so the freshness remains intact. Printing the boxes with personalized notes gives a good brand image to baked items and made-to-order products like cakes. Manufacturers can use custom options to shape the food containers uniquely.

Even when buyers know what they have ordered, there is always a common excitement for opening the boxes. Sellers can improve this process by adding custom elements like innovative box shapes and artistic accessing to escalate this customer enthusiasm and translate it into persistent customer loyalty.

Printing for small ventures

Smaller and newer businesses in the food market have financial limitations. Printing can take care of all their branding needs. It ensures that the boxes are strong so customers don’t complain and lower the refund costs. Marketing through the same resource i.e., the boxes, lowers the need for opting for other costly marketing platforms.

All in all, it serves as a win-win situation.


Food manufacturers love to use creative box printing to market their brands as they desire. whether it is food chains or small groceries, custom packaging printing can cater to all. 

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