How to Teach Your Kids to Go Green

Teaching your children the value of sustainability at a young age is a smart way to help them build a greener future for them. While you cannot force them to fully understand concepts such as carbon footprint and global warming, let alone introduce them to veganism, there are simple ways to educate them. Here are some tips and tricks on how to teach your kids to become more sustainable.

Plant a garden

kid planting a tree

Start a small backyard garden and let your kids take part in the process. Explain to them the benefits of growing their own food. This makes them aware that food does not come from a box or a cup, but is grown tediously from the ground. This does not only teach them sustainability but also the values of hardwork, patience, and healthy eating.

Segregate wastes

kid's waste segregation
Group of kids school volunteer charity environment

Teach the young ones to identify biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes. Let them know which items can be recycled and which can go to the compost for your garden. Get them involved in creating and labeling different bins for different types of trash. It is also a good idea to teach them that recyclable materials can be turned into something useful or can be sold for cash.

Make them love the outdoors

kids playing outdoor

Simple outdoor activities can help your kids to realize the importance of the environment. Let them play outside, walk the dog, climb a tree, or come with you for “green team walk” where you pick up trash along the way. These are smart ways to keep them away from gadgets and electronics that consume energy.

There are many more ways for children to learn about sustainability. All they need is guidance and good example from you to be able to live a sustainable and environment-conscious life. Education during their formative years matters very much so consider enrolling them in green schools in Hong Kong. Remember, teaching the children the value of sustainability is teaching them how to build their own future.

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