4 Qualities of Abortion Clinic You Can Trust

Are you thinking about terminating your pregnancy in Singapore?

Termination of pregnancy is legal in Singapore, but you must be eligible for it. Otherwise, you’ll be charged a penalty. Medical professionals are allowed to carry out the procedure, but they can also refuse to. 

Deciding to go through abortion is a difficult phase. Having a support system and reliable health care provider can help make the situation more manageable. Look out for these qualities from an abortion clinic in Singapore.

  1. Positive reputation. Don’t go to any random clinic for your medical abortion in Singapore. Even if you need the procedure done as soon as possible, take the time to know more about the medical team. You’ll want to look into the reputation of the doctor and their staff. See how long they’ve been in the industry. Check how their previous and existing patients feel toward them and their services. Find out if there have been complaints of misbehavior and malpractice. The abortion clinic should be able to assure you of a safe and effective procedure. 
  1. Warm and polite team. Whatever your reasons are for deciding to terminate your pregnancy, your healthcare team should be polite and respectful. When you express your intent, you shouldn’t feel as though you’re being judged. You should feel that your concerns are being listened to. You should feel at ease right from the time you step into the clinic or as soon as anyone from the team picks up your call. You should feel secure, relaxed, and comfortable while speaking with the staff. The staff, on the other hand, should work together to keep the environment warm and friendly. If you feel uncomfortable or if the staff seems cold or unwilling to listen, don’t hesitate to move to other clinics.
  1. Transparent and honest. You’ll also want a medical team that provides you with accurate information. They must be transparent when responding to your questions or are educating you about the procedure. They should explain the possible complications or side effects, if any, depending on your specific condition. A trustworthy abortion clinic won’t push you to proceed with the procedure unless you’re ready. They’ll help you make an informed decision based on your concerns and overall health status. If you feel that the team is most concerned about your overall well-being, that’s a good sign that you can count on them. 
  1. Trustworthy. All patient information should be kept private and confidential. No matter how open you are when discussing your concerns, the medical team should keep all your information secure and private. They must not speak of it outside of the practice or even to other patients. Not everyone has the same view toward abortion, and healthcare providers understand that. They should be able to protect you by guarding your identity and keeping your procedure as discreet and stress-free as possible. 

Look for an abortion clinic in Singapore with a positive reputation and a respectful, honest, and trustworthy team. Being selective is caring for your overall health. It’s okay to have several questions and to say no if you feel uncomfortable. 

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