5 Comfortable Haircuts for Women

As a woman, you probably like trying the latest haircut styles and trends. But what happens if that trend or style feels uncomfortable for you? Do you have to sacrifice comfort for style? The answer is a resounding no, as there are so many choices out there that can make you look great while having a comfortable haircut.

So, if you plan to visit a Tampines haircut salon soon and you’re on the lookout for comfy haircuts, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some haircuts that will surely make you feel good and confident.

1. Bob

If there’s one comfortable haircut that will look good on everyone, it’s definitely the bob. It’s a versatile haircut that suits every woman. If you have thin hair, you can keep your bob clean, short, and without layers. And don’t worry if you have thick hair. You can always have the sleek and cool bob by asking your stylist to thin out the layers but leave them long, especially in the back.

2. Full pixie

This is literally one of the easiest and most comfortable haircuts for women having a round face and thick hair. It is practical, expressive, and ideal for hair color experiments. So, if you are ready for a short crop, go all the way with the pixie. You may choose between the classic & timeless pixie and the pixie bob. Or, if you want to give your hair extra volume and movement at the top, you can try the shaggy pixie. It will look good on hair that has some texture.

3. Tousled lob

If you’d like to emphasize the squareness of your face, a tousled lob is worth a try. And if you have fine hair, be sure to ask your stylist to cut your lob with a blunt line. Doing so will make your hair look fuller. You may also complete your tousled lob with curtain bangs, which are perfect for women who want to try bangs but do not have to wait to grow them out.

4. Smooth and chic

Having a shoulder-length haircut will be your perfect go-to style for any situation, from shopping with your friends to attending a client meeting. It is a flattering haircut for women in Tampines, which is perfect for an oblong face.

5. Layers

Layered haircuts are comfortable and quick to maintain. They likewise give a classic and elegant look. Any woman, regardless of age, can fit for a layered haircut. You can choose between the side-layered haircut and the long straight layers. Or, you can try the V-shaped layers if you have medium-length to long-length hair.


There you have it — some inspiration for your next trip to a Tampines haircut salon. If you are making a major change to your haircut, you’ll want to consider these comfortable haircuts before you hit the salon.

So, what are you waiting for? Gear up now and find a hairstylist who will take the time to listen and understand your hair needs.

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