Glucometer- Types And Working Of A Glucometer

Glucometers, also recognized as a blood sugar meter, are small, portable medical devices used to measure the concentration of glucose ( type of sugar) in blood.

Glucometers aid diabetic patients in keeping track of glucose levels in the blood( also called blood glucose). To examine one’s diabetes and its effect by daily nutriments, activities, and medications, testing blood sugar levels is the best way among all.

Patients use this portable glucose monitoring simpler, known as a glucometer, to check blood glucose levels. A small amount of blood is used for analysis, usually taken from fingertips.

Working Of A Glucometer 

The elementary facet of diabetes care for both type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes ( diabetes mellitus) keeps track of blood glucose levels.

When it’s time to check blood sugar levels, place this gadget on the table. A new test strip is inserted, a fresh Lancet loaded into lancing devices, a tiny needle is snapped into the side of the finger and squeezed until blood drops gather.

Now, apply the blood drop to the edge of the strip and view the meter counter. The blood sugar reacts with chemicals present in the strip. Then, after the passage of electrical currents through it, calculate the numeral result within seconds.

There are different types of glucometer available, few indicate reading on an external device, and some are mobile-based.

The best glucometers in India are mobile-based. They are more facilitated, which can be connected to mobile phones. As soon as the blood sample is placed, the reading automatically reflects on mobileā€”this auto-sync ease in maintaining records from anywhere.

The Broader Categories Of Glucometer

#1. Non – invasive- These types of devices do not need blood drops. Rather, they sense glucose through blood-rich areas of the skin.

#2. Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs)– They place sensors to work,  implant them under the skin, and record readings every few minutes day and night. This needs consent from the doctor.

#3. Self-monitoring Blood Glucose (SMBG) Meter– The most fundamental type of meter requires test strips and blood samples.

One can get glucose meter kits and supplies from:-

  1. Doctor’s office
  2. Pharmacy
  3. Online

Enjoyments of Glucometer

1. Fitting for Seniors

Leaving home and heading to the clinic each time to get glucose levels checked would serve as a difficult task for seniors. So, this portable device has notable benefits for them as they can test their blood sugar level at home and share records with doctors online.

2. Easing Things

As one can now conveniently get themselves tested at home and consult and share online reports with their doctors,  this has reduced workload on doctors and laboratories.

Besides, it is easy for patients to record their health from anywhere, at any time. Testing can be now performed without borrowing special time from one’s busy schedule and can take multiple readings to avoid complications.

3. Cost-efficient

They are less expensive than laboratory tests; in addition, it saves money to spend on commute.

4. Aids In Making Decisions

Results accuracy enables one to decide about medication and diet. Sometimes unpredictable rises and lowering of sugar levels can be health risking for diabetics patients. Quick results with quick decisions can make a difference between life and death.

5. Portable Machinery And App

Besides merely reading insulin levels, newer apps can sync data to websites, apps, and Bluetooth. It even keeps notation about exercise and diet.  One can even store and share record data with friends, family, and physicians. These devices  are compact sized, easy to carry, compatible with android and iOS devices. Some glucometers have a feature to read results for patients.


There are a range of best glucometers in India. One with the advice of their physician and keeping certain points in mind such as accuracy, memory, ease of use, sample size, and the cost can select a glucose meter accordingly.

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