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Sometimes the Canon printer stops working and shows an error. If you open the Printers folder and Printing preferences, you’ll see the following: Support Code.

Canon Printers are a common problem for Canon Users canon error code 5b00 When ink is not absorbed, the printer will continue to fill ink.

We have covered this error in depth in this blog. So take the time to carefully read this blog. To learn why this error occurs and how to fix them, Canon Printer Tech Support can be reached from your home.

As we all know error messages can be common in Canon Printers.

These systems often push our printers beyond their limits. Sometimes continuous ink systems can cause the ink to spill inside printers. This can result in the printers filling up with ink pads and causing error code 5B00.

Once the inkpad absorber fills up, the error occurs on Canon printers. Resetting the ink counter may be an option if you have the same issue with your Canon printer.

This can be accomplished by pressing several buttons. Follow these steps to fix Error Code 5b00. Call Canon tech support number to get complete guidance.

HOW TO FIX CANON Printer errors – Support code: 5b00

1. Canon Printer Error Codes 5b00

These are the main causes of 5b00 errors. Here’s a quick look:

– The installation of continuous ink system installations (CISS) on the printer results in more ink being spilled and absorbed into the ink pad.

– The CISS (Complete Instability System) is a feature that allows a printer to produce more output than it displays on the computer’s screen.

– Waste ink counter overload

2. These are some ways to correct this error

Method #1:

These are the points that will help you to eliminate error 5b00

Turn on your canon multifunction printing device.

Now press the menu key on the printer

Next, switch on service mode to put the canon printer into operation. To activate service mode, press the SCAN, COPY, and SCAN buttons.

Now, press the “+” key until you reach the COUNTERACCESS option

Click “OK” to confirm.

You will see the page count on your printer’s screen. The page counter is the number of pages that you have printed.

Now press the OK key

Next, click the “Copy!” button

Now use the key to lower your score and make it zero

Next, click “OK”

To navigate the menu, use “+” as the symbol. Once you are done with scanning the page count, click “Scan Page Count”.

Now press the stop/reset button once everything else is gone.

Turn off the Canon printer, then turn it on again by pressing the button on/off

Method #2:

Step 1: Unplug the device. You can begin to fix the problem by unplugging your printer and the main power source.

Step 2 – Continue pressing down on the power button to continue holding it. Then plug the power cord into your wall socket.

Step 3: Keep the power button pressed until the printer resets itself. After all, lights have turned on and the printer is no longer making sounds, release power.

Step 4: Wait for the printer’s green power light to turn off. When the green power light turns off, release the power button quickly and twice more. The green light will then blink for 2-3 seconds before it stabilizes. It is possible to see the word “Stable”, written on your printer.

Now the waste ink counter has been successfully reset. This should solve the problem most time. Even though your waste ink counter is full, you can still print. If the problem does not resolve, you will have to manually clean the waste ink mousse. 

You can follow these steps to get rid of the ink foam.

Step 1: Open up the lid to expose the cartridges. A row of white rolling pins lies behind each cartridge.

Step 2: Clean your foam pad. The foam pad will be found in a small, square area next to the roller. You can use a paper towel to gently press the foam into the ink. You can keep cleaning this foam until it is completely dry.

Step 3 – Assemble the printer. Close the printer lid and place all the cartridges back into their respective places. You must then restart the printer. Turn the printer off and turn it back on.

Canon printer error 5b00 should be resolved by the following steps.

Method #3

1. While connected to power, press and hold the power button.

2. Press the ‘cancel’ button SIX (6) TIMES

3. Release all buttons

4. Press the “cancel” button FIVE (5) times

5. Press the POWER BUTTON ONCE. It should print a page with reset information.

6. Turn off the printer by pressing the power button, then turn it back on.

Try it

– Power off your printer

– First, hold cancel, then hold power. Then release cancel and continue to power. Finally, press 6 times to cancel

– Press all buttons

– Click the “cancel” button FIVE Times

– Once you have pressed the power button, press it again. (It should print an information page about the reset)

– To turn off the printer, press the power button. Then turn the printer on again.

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