Maintain Your Water Purifier Efficiently With Aquaguard Service Gurgaon

Introducing a water purifier at home has become a need to prevent health problems. The importance of a water purifier in our lives can never be ignored. A water purifier guarantees that the water you drink is free of any kind of impurities. Proper water consumption is an important aspect to stay healthy and hydrated but you need to consume the right quantity & quality of water for that matter of fact. In numerous urban areas, people are still using tap water which is dangerous since it probably won’t be purified and could cause infections. Water Purifiers play an essential part in the sanitization of the water and guarantee that you drink pure and healthy water. With the help of the Reverse Osmosis process, water purifiers eliminate a greater part of contaminants from water. Drinking sanitized water is one of the most fundamental things that keep us healthy.

The Aquaguard service Gurgaon maintains a water purifier with the most proficient methods that make it an absolute necessity purchase. Utilizing a blend of various channels and filtration advances ensures that the water you drink is protected and uncontaminated. In any case, the most commonly utilized in India is RO water purifiers that utilize a multi-stage filtration process to purify water. RO water purifiers can keep going for at least 8 – 10 years whenever taken with good care. Consequently, regular maintenance of water purifiers and their filters is important. Here are some tips to maintain a water purifier that guarantees pure, safe, and clean drinking water.

Regular Filter Replacement

Did you realize that the channels should be changed occasionally, as the pollutants from a water start to obstruct the filter? If you don’t routinely get the filters changed, it can influence the quality of water as the contaminations are moved to the water you drink.

Sediment Filter 

A sediment filter works as a strainer to eliminate impurities from the water. A sediment filter is one of the filters which we suggest you change once consistently. You can change this filter sooner if you notice the water stream is getting slow or the water tone is marginally darker. Maintaining this filter shields the RO membranes from dirt.

Carbon Filter

Water from the sediment filter is gone through the carbon channel which eliminates chlorine and different impurities. We suggest you change the carbon channel once per year as well, with the goal that it doesn’t affect the performance of the RO membrane. Carbon filters filter out any sort of smell and unsavory taste from the water. 

RO Membrane

This is an important part of any RO water purifier. This water filtration technology is powerful in lessening lead, arsenic, copper, nitrates, nitrites, chromium, selenium, fluoride, radium, barium, cadmium, blister (cryptosporidium), and TDS from the water. Make sure you replace the RO membrane once every year or once in two years, as per the utilization of water at home for optimal performance. 

What Makes a Water Purifier Best?

Technology has helped in simplifying our life and to a huge extent became an integral part of our lives. There are different water purification technologies accessible today, including gravity-based, reverse osmosis (RO), and ultrafiltration. These water purifiers assist with eliminating everything from water, all microorganisms, infections, and germs yet additionally synthetic compounds that could be substantially riskier than germs.

Easy Availability

Water Purifiers contribute to giving clean water a different arrangement of water purifiers in India with their fundamental items being RO and UV water purifiers. For example, with the advent of e-commerce, you at this point don’t have to get out of your home for shopping, purchasing food, etc. Similarly, you would now be able to get to buy water purifiers additionally at the click of a button.

Sensors Monitoring

The water purifier automatically senses the water source and picks the proper cleaning procedure. It assists you with setting the water level and shows the equivalent through a marker. This diminishes the wastage of water, and simultaneously, guarantees your family has promptly accessible pure drinking water consistently. 

Preventive Maintenance 

To stay away from any issue with the RO water purifier, guarantee that you have it covered with the comprehensive annual maintenance contract, so you find support from an expert when required. It offers 2 scheduled maintenance checks a year within a time frame, which incorporates cleaning the cylinders and the water purifier, eliminating filter pollutions, testing the water hardness, and guaranteeing it works easily. 


Aquaguard service near me has been a working phenomenon in carrying pure water to consumer’s homes for a long time and offers India’s first brilliant services at the client’s doorstep. Best purifiers in India are additionally accessible online at reasonable prices with numerous technologies yet offering the best water purifiers for home and business use. The customer service is accessible 24*7 to work. They have rigid quality checks to carry the best item to their buyers and maintain the highest standards of hygiene to stay away from any contaminants. Each water purifier is made and collected in a good environment and tried altogether at our quality control lab. With these advanced products, consumers can expect 100% pure drinking water. 

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