How to Unclog Kitchen Sink?

One of the most common issues at home is a clogged kitchen sink. This can happen to stainless steel kitchen sinks or any type of sink for that matter. 

Sometimes, the fix is simple. But in some cases, you may need a professional to address the problem for you. This issue can occur at any time, though, so it helps to know some ways on how you can resolve it.  

Here are some solutions for a clogged kitchen sink that you can try, starting with the easiest one.

Pour boiling water.

This is the simplest solution for a clogged kitchen sink. But first, see if you have PVC pipes. PVC pipes may get damaged if exposed to boiling water. For the steps, first, boil at least half a gallon of water. Carefully pour it down the drain opening. Afterward, open your kitchen sink taps and check if the water is already draining faster. If it’s improving, that’s a good sign. Add more boiling water to the drain opening. If you still don’t see any improvement after the second attempt, move to the next solution.

Try baking soda and vinegar.

baking soda and vinegar.

If boiling water won’t work, try baking soda and vinegar. There’s no guarantee this will be successful. But if a professional plumber cannot come yet, it may be worth a shot. You’ll want to avoid chemical agents that may harm your plumbing system. That being said, these household items are great options. For the first step, get rid of any standing water in your sink. Pour a cup of baking soda straight into the drain. Give it a push if necessary. Then, pour a cup of vinegar on it. Next, cover the drain and let the mixture sit for 15 minutes. After which, take out the cover and pour hot water into the drain to help unclog more debris. If there’s still no improvement, try the next method.

Check your garbage disposal.

Check your garbage disposal.

If your kitchen sink comes with a garbage disposal, it also helps to check to make sure it isn’t causing the problem. If the garbage disposal is clogged, the drain can get clogged too. Try to run your garbage disposal for at least a minute using hot water. Then, check your sink again if there are any changes. If there’s no progress, recheck your disposal for potential issues. Switch it off first, and then try restarting it. If you must work on the garbage disposal, be sure it’s unplugged. Don’t stick your fingers in it. If your garbage disposal is working properly, then it’s probably not the cause.

Use the plunger.


Get a plunger and try it on your kitchen sink. Fill half of the sink with hot water then, plunge the drain. Pump quickly several times, and then remove the plunger to see if it helps. Try running your kitchen sink taps to double check. Repeat the process if there’s an improvement.

If the solutions above for clogged stainless steel kitchen sinks aren’t working, it’s best to leave the job to professional plumbers. Refrain from using the sink while waiting for assistance. Once the plumbing team comes, ask if your plumbing system needs any improvement so you can prevent similar issues in the future.

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