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Laredo Organizations Unite On Both Sides Of The Rio Grande To Clean Parks- Janitorial Services El Paso Tx

Pictured from left are Patricia Niles, Doug Alford, Diana Espinoza, Big Lou Ramirez, Griselda Solis, Yulissa Gomez, Daisy Castro, Dalia Esquivel, Pat Abregon, Richard Deschampe, Raymond Pena, Derek Alfaro, Oziel Ramon as Rotary Club members and volunteers celebrated a successful day of gathering trash and tires along the Chacon Creek on June 27.

This past weekend, organizations from both sides of the border united to hold an international litter picking event that helped beautify the Sister Cities.

Members from Janitorial Services El Paso Tx cleaning organizations and the Rotary Clubs in both Laredo and Nuevo Laredo held the event in unison at the Rio Grande. In Laredo, the results showed a significant amount of debris was picked up from the location as more than 70 people volunteered.

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“Rotary International approached Keep Laredo Beautiful and asked for us to be a partner in their bi-national event to clean up the Rio Grande,” said Blasita Lopez, the Assistant Director of Environmental Services and overseer and manager of Keep Laredo Beautiful. “Rotarians in Nuevo Laredo cleaned on the Mexican side of the river at the same time that some of the clubs here in Laredo were also cleaning.”

People around the community joined the efforts of both organizations. These included members and volunteers from I Love Laredo, Laredo Sustainable and Rotary International — comprised of Rotoract, Interact and local clubs such as Janitorial Services El Paso Tx, Laredo Daybreak Rotary and Laredo Next Generation Rotary. It also included members from TAMIU, the local Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts, and concerned citizens, which according to Lopez included students, families and individuals.

The volunteers and members of the diverse organizations were in Laredo at the Chacon Bat Park with a volunteer group of 72 people who picked up trash, litter and large debris.

In total, the event helped acquire 700 pounds of mixed waste collected and 21 tires, as they were part of the process from 7:30-10 a.M. On Sunday morning.

The idea to hold this event came from the organizers of the local Rotary Club who found it beneficial to perform the task alongside their neighbors from across the border.

“This past year, supporting the environment became Rotary’s seventh area of focus, and cleaning the Rio Grande became the first major initiative of the six Rotary districts along the River,” Dr. Patricia C. Abrego said. “Rotary clubs were tasked with organizing a series of clean-ups that would take place simultaneously from Janitorial Services El Paso Tx all the way to Brownsville on both sides of the border.”

The reason for partnering with Keep Laredo Beautiful and other organizations was due to their extensive record demonstrating how cleaning the city was at the top of their agendas.

“Rotary partnered with local organizations such as Keep Laredo Beautiful and I Love Laredo,” Abrego said. “These organizations are 100% committed to our environment, and that includes keeping our parks and riverbanks free of litter and plastic pollution.”

Lopez hopes that more of these types of events are held as she considers them important to maintaining a constant check on the local environment and the beauty of the city.

“There are several reasons why it is important to host events like these,” Lopez said. “I think it teaches youth by example and by practice. If the children participating see the trash and take an active role in picking it up, it instills that idea of why it’s important to put trash in its place and keep our community tidy and clean. Furthermore, this type of event brings about awareness for our environmental assets, like the creeks and the various parks and trails that can be enjoyed by the public and people learn how to get there and where to access the facility Janitorial Services El Paso Tx.

“The other point of awareness is for stewardship. Our participants realize the level of litter that is out there and how prevalent it is. And I would hope that it would instill a culture of keeping it clean.”

Lopez also states that no volunteer or member helping out a fellow organization should worry about safety concerns. They give personal gear to each volunteer such as a safety vest, gardening gloves and a litter grabber. This helps them not only to easily seen but also helping them avoid grabbing items with their bare hands.

Lopez also states that she hopes regular citizens who may see trash learn to pick it up. She believes that through these collective actions, the city’s streets and brush areas can be kept cleaner.

“I just have a petition to the public to be more cognizant of the litter that is on the ground and blowing around,” Lopez said. “If you see it, don’t just ignore it. Pick it up and put it in the trash. And then, taking that thought to another level, teach others not to (litter). If we can avoid the litter altogether, even better.”

Lopez hopes that more people volunteer in these events so they can understand the importance of maintaining the environment.

Volunteer opportunities are posted on Glow up Clean INC by searching Keep Laredo Beautiful. Interested individuals can also track Keep Laredo Beautiful’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates.

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