Create A Moving Checklist To Keep You On Track During The Moving Process

Moving home is a fine procedure that requires great planning to eliminate unwanted stress or chaos when moving from one home to another.

Some of the necessary steps include packing all your belongings, determining what items you are going to part with, changing addresses for utilities and bills, hiring movers, and much more. We have been helping people move for more than 20 years, and the best advice we can give our customers to ease the stress of moving is always the same: proper planning and organization – especially by using a moving checklist.

A moving checklist is the best way to move forward step by step, ticking off the process bit by bit as you prepare for a busy day. From setting out your action plan to set out how you will approach packing and everything else in between, a moving checklist is a great way to track your progress and give you a plan of how things are going.

A useful mobile checklist resource that we have developed for those who want to use this virtual site is Movetrac, a comprehensive list of moving resources and checklists where you can see real-time progress and get your moving questions answered in one place!

We have also compiled some of the most important tasks in a comprehensive relocation checklist, which you can follow below. Enjoy!

Move Checklist

One Month Before Your Move

  • Contact, plan and hire a moving company as soon as you know that you are planning to move to make sure you get the day you want and that moving companies are available.
  • Start by cleaning various areas of your home – closets, attics, garage, etc.
  • Change your local address in areas such as mail, insurance, school records, and so on.
  • Buy moving cartons and packaging materials to get things moving – TrueBlue Xpress on-site offers a wide range of moving and packaging materials to meet all your moving needs.

1-2 Weeks Before The Move

  • Delete anything connected to your past home address – the Internet, cable, newspapers, or work services you receive around your home.
  • Call all your local utilities and make sure they know the exact day you no longer charge your old home address for services.
  • Start packing and go room by room, so that you do not overwhelm yourself. Be sure to label and organize the boxes correctly, so that you know where everything is on the day of the move.

The Week of The Moving Day

  • Finish all last-minute cleaning around your house and make sure everything looks nice when you officially move out.
  • Continue to work on packing all your belongings and try to be ready before the day of your move arrives. Donate to charity for things you no longer need or sell them if possible.
  • Make transportation plans for the day of the move so you know how to get to the new location. If you have children or pets, develop a plan that also meets your needs and find out where they will be during the move.
  • Mail in every change of address form so that your new location is ready to go with your information.

The Day Before The Day of The Move

  • Be in touch with your moving company and check twice if everything is set in stone for the following day. If you move with TrueBlue Xpress, we will send you a pre-move email that will record all the important details of your move.
  • Make sure all fragile items have been removed from dresser drawers and packed away.
  • Take out some cash to keep you going during the move. This could be useful if you need a few pizzas or snacks to feed everyone!
  • Perform a final cleaning of your house and your equipment.

Moving Day

  • When you arrive at your new home, pack a bag of essentials for things you can access instantly, including chargers, toothbrushes, quick snacks, etc.
  • Make sure there is a clear pathway for movers inside and outside your home.
  • Make sure you are at home when the professional movers arrive so that you are available if they have any questions or concerns.
  • After the moving companies have loaded everything onto the moving truck, take a last tour of the house and make sure nothing has been left behind.

If you would like to move soon and see more of this moving checklist, click here! If you are interested in using our moving services for your next move.

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