Shift From Paperback To eBooks

No book writing company could think of its survival in the 21st century if it strictly adhered to publishing and selling in hard copies only. It might have been affordable for some book writing companies to still earn through hard copies by the close of the first decade of the current century. However, the rapid spread of smartphones and digital apps has made it almost impossible to rely only on selling hard copies. The expanding demand in the online content trade has further led to the expansion of different writing genres, though deviating from the traditional forms of writing. These forms may range from blog posts to technical manuals. While the former is another be one of the latest forms of article writing, the latter falls in book writing.

Necessity is rightly said to be the mother of invention as the emerging demands for encapsulating different modes of content presentation brought various forms under the heading of writing. There was a time when writing was done on walls and stones in the form of pictographs. It took humans thousands of years to publish in paper form as the printing machines emerged on the screen. That also led to the beginning of book writing companies around the world. Limited to specific languages to start with, its number increased to hundreds in no time. This paved the way for an increased number in book publishing and encouraged more writers to emerge.

Writers must have been confined to Homer and Virgil or some selected names till the second millennium A.D, had there been no printing introduced. Likewise, readers would have been confined to a minimal number had the books not emerged in such an abundance. The growth in book publishing led to growth in readers and vice versa. The more the readers grew, the demand started growing too. Until the end of the 20th century, there was no alternative to replace books that were apparently found in the publishing market. However, the 21st century started with such leaps that most of those born in the latter half of the 20th century could hardly grasp its new ways of managing things through mobile phones and then smarts phones and other digital apps.

It was a big challenge for the printing press and publication houses, especially the book writing company, to survive through this flux. Sooner or later, all of them realized the need to switch to the latest publishing model and then the existing one. The ones that either stuck to the traditional mode only or failed to adopt the newest version started ceasing. It was mainly because the audience had already switched to the more unique modes of content presentation. There were very few audiences, most of them belonging to elderly ones, who still demanded the paperback version of the books. However, their number was too low to make it count. This was the most significant challenge that the book writing company had ever faced since its emergence some centuries back. It was the mode or the platform that replaced the old one.

The change was not only necessary but also inevitable. Whether you wanted it or not, it was bound to take place. The book companies still exist but mainly relying on the e-book versions along with the paperback. Those relying only on the paperback have either ceased to be or are already on their way to extinction. Those who have quickly grasped the change and adapt themselves to it at the earliest lead in the publishing market today. The earlier they started, the more experience they have had thus far. However, they still have to face so many challenges with the rapidly changing formats.

In a nutshell, the rapidly fluctuating world order has made it evident that those quick to grasp and adapt to change will ensure their survival. It is the battle of survival that only the fittest in the rapidly evolving context can stand. As for the rest, they may but rest in peace if they fail to prove themselves fit for survival. Don’t forget what we started with! The same applies to book writing company.

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