A Guide to Keeping Your Life Organized Despite a Busy Schedule

Keeping organized is a goal many of us strive for at the start of the year. However, not all of us succeed. When your schedule gets busy, sitting down and doing nothing but looking at your planner seems unproductive. That means you’re not able to stay on top of your goals, and your life continues to be a mess.

If you want to change that, here’s the guide you’ve been waiting for:

Create a vision board–and keep it updated

vision board

Vision boards do wonders. Even if you’re not actively pursuing them, as long as you can see them, you will act on them, consciously or not. It doesn’t have to be a big project you take hours to make; a digital vision board is just as helpful, and it’s definitely less wasteful. However, making a vision board is just half of the battle. It’s important that you put them in a place where you can easily see them, and make updates when necessary. If home ownership was your priority at the start of the year but you have since decided against it, take it off your vision board. Leaving it there might just make you feel anxious about your other plans. That’s not what a vision board is for.

Set goals you can commit to

set goals

Organizing is a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly habit. It’s a constant. You don’t strive to be organized today only to fall back into chaos tomorrow. But forgetting to organize today also does not mean you can never be organized again. This is where you set goals you can commit to. If you only have two minutes today to fix your schedule, look for some free time tomorrow to finish the rest of it. If you tell yourself you will do it in two straight hours tomorrow, but you know you don’t have that much free time, you will never be able to commit. You’re just setting yourself up for failure.

Have a mid-week check-in

check in

Some beauty products need not be used daily. An exfoliating scrub or a deep conditioner may be used every other day. If you don’t have time daily, those sheet masks online shops delivered to your doorstep might end up getting used every other day too. And that’s okay. The same is true for your planning and organizing. If you can’t do it daily, at least at first, do it at the start of the week, then have a mid-week check to see your progress. This gives you a chance to pivot, reprioritize, or remove certain goals you will not be able to achieve this week. Having an idea of where you are in the week, before it ends, will help you see what you can do better next week in terms of planning.

No one wakes up one day and suddenly feels organized about everything. This is a process, and if you’re just starting it, accept the fact that you might fail some days. But keep at it, and before you know it, your days and months will be working for you, rather than you forgetting where they went.

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