Top 6 Most Efficient Home Cooling Options

Dealing with the blistering heat isn’t always fun especially when there seems to be no escape from it whether your inside or outside. Creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in your home is possible with a residential cooling system. There might have been a time when a cooling system was considered a luxury but with today’s extreme weather changes it has become a necessity.   

Let’s discuss the six most efficient home cooling systems on the market right now. 

1. Air Conditioning  

An air conditioner is one of the oldest and trusted cooling systems available. How the system works is straightforward. It uses energy to remove the heat from the room and dispose of it outside. The compressor in the air conditioner is similar to the one in your refrigerator.  

It has different settings to regulate the air according to your preference making it as cool or hot as you want. It’s excellent value for your money and has a long lifespan.  

2. Portable Room Cooling 

Technology has come a long way because you now get portable air conditioning. It makes it ultra-convenient because now you can take your cooling system anywhere with you. This cooling system is energy-smart because it takes the air around it and recycles it into cooler air. 

There are also options to add water which can generate cool mist to cool you down. 

3. Central Cooling Systems 

This system uses a larger compressor compared to the normal air conditioning system to sufficiently keep all the rooms in the house cool. The coil that runs throughout the house is filled with refrigerant. When the air is cooled the duct distributes the cool air directly through your house. Summer days don’t have to be a nightmare anymore with this efficient cooling system. 

4. Evaporative Cooling 

It’s not as common as the air conditioning system but it’s worth a second glance if you’re looking for residential cooling. The mechanism here is simple, it sucks air from outside and cools it against the pads releasing cool air back into the room. Cooler air is provided through the evaporation process against the pads.  

It adds moisture to the air which works well in dryer climates. The fan is the hardest working element in the system and is energy efficient, so you don’t have to worry about a high electricity bill.  

5. Mini-Split Conditioning  

Have you ever heard of personalised air? Sounds fancy, right? It simply comes down to a residential cooling system that allows you to personalise the air in each room according to your preference. One system, multiple settings. 

The system is usually mounted on a wall and connected via a conduit & doesn’t have ducts fitted to it. It’s ideal for big families that prefer setting temperatures according to their preference. 

6. Ice Powered Cooler  

With an ice powered cooler the system stores energy in ice. Electricity is used to freeze water and then thermal energy is contained inside. This will give you the energy you need to cool a room on a hot day.  

In Closing  

Now that you’re armed with all the different features of the most efficient home cooling systems on the market, which one caught your attention? Whatever your selection, we hope you find the right one that suits your home and your budget. Stay cool out there.  

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