It is Time to Get Comfortable with Fitted Bed Sheets

Do you wake up fully rested in the morning or do you wake up restless and grumpy? Sometimes you may experience a bit of both! Several reasons contribute to the quality of sleep, some of those include the temperature of your room, outside noises, your mattress, health problems, or your bedsheets aren’t the right choice for you! So, if you are constantly wondering why you are deprived of a goodnight’s sleep it is high time that you figure out the cause of the disturbance.

The time we spend sleeping, we must make sure that we are comfortable and having a great quality of sleep – and that has a lot to do with beddings. Even if you have the best mattress, it still would not feel as perfect without the appropriate bed sheet for it. Having the best fitted bed sheets UK will provide the perfect sleeping experience that everyone deserves.

What is Fitted Sheet?

Fitted bed sheets come with an elasticized hem that is sewn on all four corners of the sheet. It ensures that your bed sheet stays put on the mattress even as you turn and toss during slumber.

Queen fitted sheets are specially designed to cover the mattress snugly. It makes the mattress look neat and wrinkle-free. As long as the fitted sheet fits the size of the mattress appropriately, it will stay in place until removed. If you value a truly luxurious sleeping experience and enjoy sumptuous, wrinkle-free bedding, then fitted bed sheets are the right choice for you!

Sizes of Fitted Sheets:

A tidy bed is the most interesting thing in the room. To make your bed always look neat, the selection of bed linens becomes very important. To maintain a wrinkle-free bed, we advise you to use bed linen fitted sheets with various colors and sizes. This sheet when mounted on a mattress makes your bed look neat. 

When buying your bed covers you need to make sure that a fitted sheet should pull snugly over the mattress, so it is less likely to come loose. The simplicity and speedy fitting of fitted sheets make them the perfect choice for a peaceful slumber.

Fitted sheets are available in a wide array of sizes and this size chart is designed to ensure the bed linen your buying is the right size for your mattress. Whether it is a single, double, queen, or super king-size – all you need is tape measurement.

 Beds Fitted Sheets
Single Fitted Sheet38” x 74”40” x 76”
Double Fitted Sheet 54” x 75”55” x 76”
Queen Fitted Sheet 60” x 80”62” x 82”
Super King Size Sheets 76” x 80”78” x 82”

When looking for a fitted sheet, you must check your mattress’s thickness. Fitted sheets typically fit a standard mattress size of 7 to 12 inches thick. However, if your mattress is thicker than this, you will need deep pocket fitted sheets to prevent it from popping off the bed.

We advise getting the best deep fitted sheets if you have an adjustable bed to ensure the sheet stays put while the mattress is in different positions. 

How Fitted Sheets Ensure Comfortable Slumber?

Every mattress needs a bed cover to keep it clean and protected, hence ensuring its longevity. Many things like sweat, natural oils, and hair dye can cause the wear and tear of your mattress. The use of appropriately fitted sheets protects your mattress from body fluids and stains.

Neat & Cozy Bed:

The sleeper feels uncomfortable when sleeping on a rumpled bed. A fitted sheet ensures a trouble-free and fully-rested sleep that keeps you productive throughout the day. Plus, your bed looks always tidy. It is the best choice for all and especially for children’s bedrooms. It reduces the chances of your children falling from the bed due to rumpled sheets. Moreover, it stays put even if children are playing in bed.


Applying a fitted sheet is more convenient and takes less time. It is specially designed to fit your mattress tightly. Making your bed with a fitted sheet doesn’t require adjusting and tucking from the corners. It is easy to spread and to take off.

Material of Fitted Sheet:

No material is superior if it fails to align with your taste. Your personal opinion about which material makes you comfortable at night should always be taken into consideration.

While shopping for fitted bedsheets always consider your own preference. Instead of buying sheets that are beautiful and luxurious to feel, make sure to choose the ones that give you the most comfort!

Wrapping up:

Sleep is so important, so pat yourself on the back for doing this research on how to get comfortable with fitted sheets. Here at Rainbow Hosiery, we have tons of incredibly cozy sheets, so make sure to check them out. We have something for all types of sleepers!

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